DISNEY 1  Character Meal
DISNEY 2 On the Grounds
CORSICA 1 Thelma and Jim (Calanches),Gill and John (above Porto);Gang above Porto;Group at Evisa
CORSICA2 Geoff at Ercu; John and Roger at Sega;John and Gill and Friend (Lac Ninu);Falls (Sega)
CORSICA3 Brits at Dinner (Corte);Pianna Beach; Ercu Refuge; Above Ota
CORSICA4   VIew at Dancone Hotel; Waves Day one ; Calanches; Ma & Pa above Ninu
CORSICA5   Walking to Calacuccia; View of Corte ; Claire & Tina; Ma & Pa and friend
CORSICA6   Lac Melo; Lac Capitello; Gil,John, Maggie, Roger at cliff's edge; Corte
CORSICA7   Group Picture;  4 pictures taken at meal at Narwal
ADIRONDACKS1   Fall colours at Marcie pond; Copperas Pond;  Avalanche Lake; Whiteface Mtn
ADIRONDACKS2   Two pictures at top of Mont Marcie and two on Algonquin